Design Studio
Graphic, brand, product, web and 3D design company
Why kites?

Our philosophy

After many years of professional work in design, advertising and new product development, we have come to understand that all we do is... kites.

They are just as light, mobile, fragile and their creation requires knowledge and experience.

We create a brand or logo, put strength and energy into it and let it fly.

Depending on how the customer controls his kite - keeps it in sight, protects from gusts of wind, does not let go of the thread - all this affects what heights he can reach!

What can we do?

Exceptionally individual approach to the client and tasks.

Graphic design

Logo development, printing layout

Brand and product development

From idea to implementation! Packaging, POS materials, content for marketplaces

3d project

We make simple and understandable visualisations of commercial premises, facades and interiors


Simple and complex sites development

Do you already have a task ready for us? Send us a detailed description, the necessary materials and we will be happy to get to work!
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